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Client - NIKE UK
Location - United kingdom
Budget - United kingdom
Submission date - 24/05/20
The Shift is looking for a creator to concept and produce a 60-second video plus cutdowns to communicate their vision for the business.
Communications Objective: To promote the brand and inspire limitless creation and opportunities to the events industry.
Our Purpose: The Shift Agency's purpose is to make a positive change to the world, inspiring the creation of unique events, products and assets, bringing brands to life and igniting their future into the next era.

Key Messaging:
  • Uncover - What clients and consumers needs are. We find your purpose
  • Inspire - The evolution of Creative ideas, concepts and events. Pushing the boundaries of sport, fundraising, technology, creativity, connection.
  • Ignite - How we execute events and ignite growth
Further Messaging:
  • We see opportunity
  • We see the potential growth in your existing asset
  • Our capability of implementing processes and assisting in guiding thought processes in your business to see new opportunities for growth through marketing and events
  • The Shift develops assets for clients to utilise within their business to encourage pushing beyond existing boundaries and positive change.
  • Maximum attention is given to product and asset quality, attention to detail, maximum exposure for positive change and pushing creative boundaries.
  • Any asset that is produced by The Shift can stand against other world-class events of its type and be the leader.
  • Through our work, we take the purpose of our client or consumer and help change the language around social responsibility and shift perspectives into a new broader and bigger way of thinking.
Intended Platforms: Website, social media, presentation.

Target audience Primary: CEO, CMO's, COO's, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers of Major Global Brands and Not-For-Profits of purpose-driven brands. Think Red Bull, Patagonia, Vans. Creatives and visionaries looking for an agency to bring their brands to life.

Purpose-driven individuals looking to align with a brand that 'does good', looks after its people and the planet whilst pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

We want people to:
Feel: Inspired – we lead the way in positive change and work towards a shift in alignment with the industry Confident – We are open in our communication and keep our business direction transparent. We deliver the same high value events and products we always have. Relaxed – That we will provide the same level of management and aligned with their brand values. Connected – they have an understanding of the direction we are going in Loved – we remember the details
Do: Get in touch to find out how we can develop an asset for their business which will align with their purpose and get them the results they want.
Creative direction Mood Forward thinking creative brand, uplifting, inspiring, authentic and bold.
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